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Contribute to society by developing and marketing advanced neurotechnology

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Beauty Life Company started joint-research project with Tokushima University and supports the university in various operational areas:

Tokushima University leads stereotactic surgery in Japan and Tokushima University Hospital is one of 45 certified institutes for functional stereotactic neurosurgery in Japan and is the most prominent and famous for Dystonia, so it has high influence on related professionals nationwide.

Department of Advanced Brain Research at Tokushima University

Research paper library of Tokushima University’s Neurosurgery department

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Beauty Life Corporation is a life science company with rich resources and ample business experience of Beauty Group in Japan.

Beauty Group is the market leader in the car washing business in Japan and has more than 100 years of history.

We focus on the neuroscience area and collaborates with Tokushima University in various areas, including a joint research project.

Beauty Life Corporation

Headquarter:Kibacho 2, Minato, Nagoya, Aichi

Tokushima Office: Chino-49-1 Shimobun, Kamiyama, Myozai District, Tokushima 

Founded   July 1st, 2019

CEO  Hiroshi Nakanishi (LinkedIn)

Beauty Corporation:

Takeuchi Techno Corporation:

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